QR Insta-Flyer

Our new QR Insta-Flyer system is just one example of the smart use of internet technology!

Projections on the use of smart mobile phones estimates there will be more people using smart phones than laptops and desktop computers combined within the next 18 months. This explosive growth in smart phone usage is the basis of the QR Insta-Flyer system.

Here’s how the QR Insta-Flyer works:

Every listing by Nancy and George Bashore has its own dedicated web page on our site. These web pages are built in a way that allows the search engines to locate them quickly, adding the new page to its list of web pages to serve in search results. We then create a unique QR code that points to this properties web page. When the code is scanned by a smart phone, the user is taken directly to the page about the specific property.

When they arrive at the listings web page, they are served a full page of rich content about the listing and also have the option to download a PDF version of a full color flyer for later reference and printing. This puts a tremendous amount of valuable marketing information the the hands of prospective buyers instantly. The QR code to the right, as an example, will take you to our page of current listings. Go ahead, give it a try!

Key benefits of the QR Insta-Flyer:mainABQpage

  • Instant information in the buyers hands.
  • Paperless, environment friendly system.
  • Information is available 24/7.
  • Assures accurate and current display of listing details.

We use these QR codes in many innovative ways such as placing them on our colored Feature Flyers.  We have other ideas about distributing this information to potential buyers using our QR Insta-Flyer system. Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn more!

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