Our Climate

Albuquerque’s beautiful, mild, and sunny weather is refreshing most of the year!

Few cities claim such a breathtaking natural setting.  Our city’s elevation expands from the Sandia Crest at 10,678 feet to the low valley at 5,352 feet.  In Albuquerque, you are never far from a hiking or biking trail.  Cutting through the city center, the meandering Rio Grande is fringed by the colorful bosque of cottonwood and willow trees.

Albuquerque’s climate is usually sunny and dry, with low relative humidity.  Brilliant sunshine defines the region, averaging 278 days a year.  The city does have four distinct seasons, but the heat and cold are mild compared to the extremes that occur more commonly in other parts of the country.

Winters are rather brief but definite; daytime highs range from the mid 40s to upper 50s, while the overnight lows drop into the low 20s to near 30 by sunrise.  Nights are often colder in the valley and uppermost foothills by several degrees.  The occasional snowfall, associated with low pressure areas, front and troughs, often melts by the mid-afternoon.  In the much higher and colder Sandia Mountains, moisture falls as snow.  Many years have enough snow to create decent skiing conditions at the local ski area.

Spring time starts off windy and cool.  March and April tend to see many days with the wind blowing at 20 to 30 mph, and afternoon gusts can produce periods of blowing sand and dust.  In May, the winds tend to subside, as temperatures start to feel like summer.

Summer daytime highs range from the upper 80s to the upper 90s, while dropping into the low 60s to low 70s.  The heat is quite tolerable because of the low humidity.

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