Our Marketing Program


1.  To get as many qualified buyers as possible into your home until it is SOLD
2.  To communicate the results of our activities weekly to you.
3.  To assist you in getting the highest possible market value for your property with the least
 amount of problems.
4.  To constantly look for the best possible methods of exposing your property to the Potential
 Buyers in the market.


 1. Submit your home to the Southwest Multiple Listing Service.
 2. Deliver to you a copy of your multiple listing for your approval, as well as a copy of all
advertisements that have been published.
 3. We provide staging advice on how to prepare your home for photographs and showings to potential buyers.
 4. Place your home on our home tour @ www.ABQStyleHomes.com.
 5. Your home is promoted & directly linked to www.ABQStyleHomes.com through
www.Realtor.com (capturing US and International Markets), www.HomesNM.com, and
 6. Feature your home on the 24 hour Bashore Hotline with its own extension at 1-888-701-0422.
 7. Your home is professionally presented and marketed with photos online and on flyers.
 8. Your property is advertised by our new QR Insta-Flyer system for all smart phone devices.
 9. Your home is being marketed through multiple business pages on various social media platforms, such as –
 Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.
10. Cooperate in Real Estate tours with local Realtors to promote your home.
11. We prospect daily to find a buyer for your home.
12. We notify brokers in our office and brokers from other real estate companies about your home.
13. Send postcards to neighbors notifying them of your property for sale.
14. Add additional exposure through a professional sign and lock box.
15. Pre-qualify all prospective buyers.
16. Follow-up on all salespeople for feedback who have shown your home.
17. Constantly update you as to any changes in current market conditions.
18. We provide you with monthly current market update of the activity around you, as well as monthly
web reports from www.ABQStyleHomes.com, www.Realtor.com, and www.HomesNM.com.
19. We contact you weekly to update you on weekly showings, market updates and new activity in your area.
20. Represent you during the presentation of contracts by brokers and help you in negotiating the
possible price and terms on your home.
21. Handle follow-up and keep you informed, after the contract has been accepted, on all mortgage,
title, and other closing procedures.
22. You are notified upon closing and funding of your property!
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