Ideas for easy and quick room updates

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The relaxed pace of summer allows the perfect opportunity for home improvement updates. You can make your favorite room stand out with some simple ideas that take less than a day to complete from start to finish.

“Home interior experts know small decor tricks that take very little time can have a big effect,” says Elizabeth Sasso Smith from Liberty Hardware. “Homeowners can use these same strategies to make changes easily and quickly inside their own home.”

Wall plates

Perhaps one of the most overlooked ways to quickly and dramatically update a room is to replace the wall plates. Wall plates are the covers that go over the light switches and outlets. Most people default to boring, white plastic that can make a room look generic and cheap. Decorative wall plates can complement any design scheme, and because they can be removed, are a great option for those who rent or others who might want to change them out from time to time with minimal effort.

Wall plates are the fashion accessory that every wall needs to add visual appeal. Liberty Hardware offers wall plate options to fit every decor style. From modern, sleek designs that feature finishes like brushed nickel, to classic and elegant options with finishes like satin nickel and espresso, you can upgrade your room within minutes. Visit or look for options at your local Lowes Home Improvement store.  


If you are looking for a big change with minimal effort, consider a fresh coat of paint. Dark and vivid colors remain popular and provide a focal point for the eye. Shades of green and gray are trending right now, as well as hues of blue in every color of the ocean. Pick up some paint samples from the store and bring home to see how they will look in the natural light of the room.

Interested in trying a bold color, but not sure about how it will look in the entire room? Choosing a single wall to paint is a great way to add color without going all out. For example, if painting a bedroom, choose the wall where you put the head of the bed. If you are painting a living room, choose the wall where the couch or your largest piece of furniture goes.


Cabinet hardware changes are typically made in the kitchen or bath, but knobs and pulls have multiple uses if you think outside the box.

“Consider coordinating the color and theme of your new wall plates into a clever curtain tie-back using a knob or pull,” says Christina Hurley of Liberty Hardware. “A similar finish will add a design flow that creates character and pizzazz throughout the room.”

Some other ideas for coordinating knobs include use on a wall or door to hold a coat, towel or bag. You might even decide to hang pictures using coordinating knobs and metals. Instead of simply nailing the frame to the wall, tie with a beautiful ribbon and hang on a knob that matches your wall plates and other hardware in the room.

Hooks and hook rails

Other eye-catching additions to a room include hooks and hook rails. While they may have once been deemed for industrial or heavy-duty use, new contemporary and traditional designs along with complementary finishes like satin nickel and hazelnut allow hook rails to take a more prominent, decorative position in a room.  

Installation is simple and quick, allowing for a modern appeal and instant coordination with wall plates and other hardware. Find a new place for items that often get tossed on the floor like book bags, belts or purses. A small hook rail placed in a closet or bathroom is perfect for hanging jewelry for easy access or spice up your garage with a decorative hook rail to hold sports equipment or umbrellas.

Remember, it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to transform your interior space. With just a few easy updates like wall plates or hook rails you’ll be amazed at how different and beautiful your room will look.

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