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(NC)-We use our phones for just about everything – why not use them to help our heart health too? The Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF), in partnership with Desjardins Financial Security, has added a new free mobile app to its suite of e-tools to help Canadians do just that, literally putting health at our fingertips.

Called the 30 Days Mobile App it is an easy tool to help us make important lifestyle changes that could add healthy years to our lives. Users get a customized risk profile showing the long-term impact of daily health choices – then guides them to break bad habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle in 30 days or less.

“Diet, physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, being smoke-free and reducing stress are just a few of the keys in taking control,” says Dr. Beth Abramson, cardiologist and spokesperson for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. “This app is a virtual trainer, nutritionist and cheerleader wrapped up together. It gives you one healthy action a day. This quickly adds up to 30 healthy actions – putting you on the path to a lifetime of healthy choices.”

This is the fourth smartphone app developed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and the third time it has partnered with Desjardins Financial Security to develop an e-tool to help Canadians manage their health.

“We’re proud to support another tool that has the potential to have a huge impact on the health and lives of Canadians,” says Denis Berthiaume, president and chief operating officer of Desjardins Financial Security.

HSF also partnered with Desjardins to develop the My Heart&Stroke Risk Assessment, which helps users determine their risk for heart disease and stroke by answering confidential questions, and My Health eSupport, which sends out regular emails to support and encourage Canadians to achieve healthier lives.

Other tools in the foundation’s suite of e-tools include the My Blood Pressure Action, designed to help users track their blood pressure readings, set goals and receive appointment and medication reminders, and the My Healthy Weight Action Plan, a free, easy-to-use 12-week program for getting to and keeping a healthy weight.

The free app is currently available in English or French for iOS devices only (iPhone, iPad and iTouch) and can be downloaded at Apple App Stores, or at heartandstroke.ca/YourRisk.

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