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Whether you are male or female, you likely have some key elements to your health routine like exercise, good food, rest and regular medical and dental check-ups. Taking care of your skin probably isn’t a part of this important list – but it should be. Your skin is a living organ and a first line of defense against the outside world. Your skin protects you from environmental toxins and pathogens, gets rid of waste, regulates healthy body temperature and is ultimately the picture of health the world sees.

Men are often guiltier of neglecting healthy skin care than women. Maybe skin care isn’t considered manly enough, or maybe men simply feel that beyond a good scrub and shave nothing else is needed. And the barrage of high-priced, celebrity-endorsed anti-aging products sold by powerhouse cosmetics companies for women contributes to the notion that skin care is a luxury for well-to-do women rather than an important aspect of a healthy everyday lifestyle.

What’s not in your skin care products is just as important to your health as what is in your skin care products. Control what goes on your body by making and using a few essential oil-based products yourself that that don’t contain any of the chemical preservatives and synthetic fragrances often found in expensive skin care products. Why pay for what you don’t need when you can create more affordable, natural and healthy skin care products – with a custom scent of your liking – on your own?

One hundred percent pure and natural essential oils provide a natural way to scent your homemade skin care products. Here are the essential oil scents that tend to be favored by men and women and some do-it-yourself natural alternatives to the commercial products cosmetic companies offer.

Masculine Scents

* Cedarwood

* Frankincense

* Myrrh

* Sandalwood

* Vetiver

Feminine Scents

* Geranium

* Jasmine

* Neroli

* Rose

* Ylang Ylang

Neutral Scents

* All citrus oils

* Eucalyptus

* Lavender

* Patchouli

* Peppermint


Maintaining clean skin is important for men and women because a good wash removes the build up of accumulated toxins and allergens from the outside environment while it removes dead skin, oil, bacteria and odor. Cleansing stimulates cell turnover and renewal. A gentle, natural liquid soap made with a wholesome vegetable oil such as olive or sweet almond is the best cleanser you can use. Good old-fashioned soap is a very effective cleanser – but it might be drying for sensitive individuals or with repeated use, so make sure you follow up with moisturizing oil afterwards.


1 cup unscented liquid vegetable oil-based soap

2 tablespoons water or unflavored green tea

48 drops essential oil or blend of oils of your choice


Combine soap, water (or tea) and essential oils in a small bottle. Apply about 1 tablespoon to a soft, wet washcloth and gently scrub damp skin in a circular buffing motion (not for too long or with too much force). Rinse with warm (not hot) water.


It’s essential to re-hydrate the skin after cleansing. Washing with soap lifts away dirt, makeup and dead skin, leaving skin bright and pores clear, but it also strips skin of its natural protective (and wrinkle-fighting) oil known as sebum. A light-bodied, absorbent and non-clogging oil such as grapeseed, jojoba or rosehip oil can be applied to still-damp skin after rinsing off your liquid soap-based cleanser to perform the same function as costly lotions and creams at a fraction of the price.


1/2 cup grapeseed oil

1/2 cup jojoba oil

48 drops essential oil or blend of oils of your choice


Combine all ingredients in a small bottle, apply a teaspoon to the palm of hand, rub hands together and smooth over damp, freshly cleansed skin. The oil will seal in moisture and protect against dehydration.

Toning and hydrating mist

As the day goes on, you’ll inevitably lose your fresh glow. Some areas of your skin might become increasingly dry, while others might be oily. A simple mixture of pure water and protecting essential oils like lavender and geranium can help diminish an oily appearance and moisturize dry areas while the oils provide healthy protection.


1 cup water

48 drops essential oil or blend of oils of your choice

Small spray mister bottle

Directions: Combine water and essential oils in bottle, shake vigorously and apply 2-3 spritzes of the mist to skin, smooth over surface if needed.

Good skin care isn’t as much effort as heavy lifting or running a marathon, but it’s a tool of health maintenance that can be as beneficial as hitting the gym. Man or woman, you should add it to your health routine. For more information and valuable skin care tips, visit

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