Fun with Fido: Tips for an active summer with your dog

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Pet parents know that the best way to put an extra wag in a dog’s tail and a spring in his step is to mention the word “walk” or “outside.” We’ve all seen it before. Pets automatically perk up at the opportunity for time outdoors. Additionally, an active lifestyle is just as beneficial for the pets as it is for the pet owners and promotes a healthy routine, while strengthening the loving bond.

It’s the perfect time of year to incorporate some extra activities into your pet’s schedule. The warmer weather and longer daylight hours offer additional time outside. When planning vacations, weekend getaways, or even weeknight outings, be sure to include activities that are pet-friendly. Try these tips and share in an active summer with your four-legged friends.

* Go for a hike. Getting out in the woods is a thrill for dogs – everywhere they turn, there’s something to sniff, look at or maybe even chase. Hit the trails with him for an active outing that’s refreshing, healthy and fun. It’s important to be well-supplied for hikes. Be sure to bring plenty of water as well as wholesome snacks – a trail mix with nuts and dried fruit for you and Milk-Bone Trail Mix for dogs, which has real beef and sweet potatoes, for your buddy – to keep everyone energized and hydrated. Find a list of dog-friendly events from Milk-Bone dog snacks at

* Explore new neighborhoods. Most people and pets have a well-worn path on their neighborhood walks, so why not switch up the scenery? Stray off the usual route, or drive somewhere different to go for a stroll. Try to find dog-friendly business districts that encourage visitors to bring pets along. In urban cities, dog-friendly parks are great places to spend time with your dog and even meet fellow pet parents. Make sure to pack treats to keep everyone refreshed and fueled, and be courteous by bringing baggies to pick up after your dog. 

* Do good for charity. Supporting local and national charities that benefit dogs and other pets goes a long way toward giving animals in need the life they deserve. One way to participate is through fundraising walks that support charities such as animal shelters and animal welfare organizations. Charitable organizations that are also pet-friendly are the perfect way to participate in a great cause while being active with a pet. 

Health and activity are closely linked for both people and pets. So what’s good for people is good for furry family members. Think creatively about how to do more together with your pet, and you’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy the season and each other.

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