End of Summer Checklist

As we near the end of summer, it’s time to look ahead and plan out home maintenance projects that have to be done before the cold weather strikes.

While the weather is warm and before the months of September and October, we encourage clients to walk around the exterior of their home and make a list of problematic areas. Some can be fixed by owners and others will require assistance from an expert.

End-of-summer projects can include:

1. Outdoor painting. If you don’t have the time or the resources to do a full painting job, go around the outside of the house and touch up any areas that look rough. If you find peeling paint, the areas can be scraped and sanded, then primed and painted to maintain even texture.

2. Outdoor caulking and sealing. Windows should be checked inside and out for possible leaks or cracks. With cold weather just around the corner, leaks or cracks could mean higher heating bills. Have leaks and cracks sealed with caulk, then look at the trim around each window—if any pieces are pulling out, check for mold or rotting, then replace or reattach wood.

3. Concrete and asphalt patching. If your home features an asphalt driveway, it can be repaired with asphalt patching material. Asphalt should be sealed every other year. If the driveway or walkways are concrete, cracks or holes can be repaired with epoxy patching material.

4. Patio and deck maintenance. On wood decks, rotted boards should be replaced, painted or stained as needed, and critter nests and debris cleared. On brick patios, you should replace missing bricks, level off areas where tree roots have pushed up the bricks and re-grout any areas where weeds or weather have degraded the hold between bricks.

5. Landscaping. Keep landscaping clean and attractive. Weeds should be pulled, dropped fruits and nuts removed from under trees to deter animals, and trees and bushes trimmed so they don’t scrape the side of the house. Many landscaping companies offer affordable fall clean-up packages for homeowners who don’t want to do the work themselves.

During colder months, you can do interior cosmetic upgrades, such as replacing floor coverings, upgrading cabinet hardware and interior painting. With a prioritized list, you will feel more confident in your ability to finish interior updates before the start of the 2013 real estate season.




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