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The arrival of fall is a busy time for the whole family. From hectic back-to-school routines to the advent of holiday entertaining, your home is bound to become a hub of activity. To prep for a season of social events and family occasions, it’s time to give your kitchen a cleaning and de-cluttering makeover.

Cut Through The Clutter

Whether its school lunches or a Thanksgiving feast, your fridge can quickly become a haven of leftovers and expired condiments. Toss out products that are past their expiry date, and store leftovers in clear plastic containers for easy identification. Remove fruits and vegetables and use a multi-surface cleaner to wipe out drawers and other internal surfaces.

Eliminate The Evidence

Stainless steel appliances are a beautiful accent to any kitchen, but after frequent use fingerprints and smudges can dull their shine. To keep your stainless appliances sparkling, use a product specifically designed for these delicate surfaces. The popular stainless steel wipes by affreshâ„¢ are an easy to use solution for a streak-free shine. Simply wipe to eliminate residue.

Double Duty

When entertaining family or guests, serving platters provide a handy solution for sharing large quantities of food. Storing these plates can be a different story. To eliminate the hassle of finding space for large trays or bowls, we recommend re-purposing them as a decorative accent when not in use. The addition of flowers, potpourri or even seashells and candles can create a unique centerpiece or arrangement.

Tackle The Tough Stuff

Dry water residue around stove elements or baked-on grease is not a pretty sight when guests are coming for a special occasion. To quickly and effectively cut through residue, use a cook-top cleaner such as affreshâ„¢, that comes with a cleaning pad and is safe for use on glass, ceramic and porcelain. Maintain your cook-top once a week to avoid build-up and to keep tough stuff at bay.

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